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A D V E N T U R E   R A C I N G

AG Founder Bill Proctor (in centre) paddling

hard in Borneo in the 1994 Raid Gauloises.

(Image: Derek Paterson)




Adventure Guides are one of the few training companies in Australia in a position to offer training and assistance to potential racers and teams based on the first hand experiences of our staff. Having competed in the international Raid Gauloises event amongst others, AG instructors can offer skills training packages that are 'contextualised' in an adventure racing format.

AG were proud to be associated with the inaugural GeoQuest 48 Hour Adventure Race as the official rigging & roping sector safety provider. In line with this, teams who require skills training & certification for upcoming events such as the No Limits Adventure Race may like to make use of our special Adventure Roping Training & Certification Package.


Event organisers may also like to contact us for consultation on race safety rigging (abseiling, jumaring, highlines, river zip lines, fixed traverse lines etc) and for equipment hire to teams.

Hydrospeeding the Bhote Kosi river

in the 2000 Trans Himalayan

Raid Gauloises.


AG Senior Instructor Robbie Mackillop

with Bill in Nepal after the MTB descent from Tibet.

(Images: Avis Pearce)

Walking into history - the first Australian team to compete in the Raid Gauloises (Borneo 1994) and the 13th place finish (below right).

(Images: Brian Angwin)