Adventure Racing Rope Skills

Training & Accreditation Course


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Do you have a team ready to do the distance in a race such as the GeoQuest or Southern Traverse but don't have the necessary roping skills. Here is the training & accreditation day designed exactly for your needs.

Ideally conducted for the whole team, we will take you through abseiling (rappelling) and simple backup systems that are fast, effective and most of all safe. We will explain the equipment you will need to traverse a rope sector on a race route and show you how to configure it.

Highlines (a.k.a tyrolean traverses) are a fixture with many adventure races and this is the day where we show you how to hook up and traverse a line with all of your equipment in the fastest time.


The course identifies the following units:

  • Fit and adjust harness system in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Connect descending system to rope and attach to the correct point on the harness.

  • Carry out personal safety check to confirm all equipment is adjusted in accordance with manufacturers instructions and operative, prior to committing to the abseil descent.

  • Communicate safety calls in the event of mishap (e.g. loose rock)

  • Perform abseil descent with a self-belay system maintaining balance and speed throughout the descent.

  • Arrest an uncontrolled descent using a self-belay system designed to operate hands free.

  • Change from one pitch to the next pitch in a hanging position maintaining two points of contact with the rope at all times.

  • Change from one pitch to the next pitch on a ledge maintaining at least one point of contact at all times.

  • Disconnect descending system from rope in such a way to avoid receiving burns or causing delays to other teams waiting at the top of the cliff.

  • Climb a fixed rope using ascending devices while maintaining at least 2 points of contact with the rope.

  • Exit from a fixed rope ascending system to reach safe ground while maintaining full protection at all times.

  • Move on fixed guide ropes over horizontal ground using a double lanyard system to facilitate anchor bypasses.


Advice is also available on general racing equipment, nutrition and training for endurance events.

You should ideally bring along the gear you expect to be racing in (clothing, pack etc) to the course as it is an ideal 'rehearsal' for the event. If you have your own climbing harness and helmet, by all means bring those along too.

The course is conducted in the Blue Mountains 1.5hrs west of Sydney. We can also on arrangement run the course at a venue of your choice.


The next step from here is:

Advanced Abseil


If you are looking at abseiling training for professional reasons, check out our Advanced Abseiling, Abseil Leader & Instructor Qualification courses.


When The course can be run any day of the week. Pre bookings are essential and we do require a minimum of three participants per course.
Cost The one day program cost is $185.00 per person. Group discounts may apply.
Inclusions All roping & safety equipment.


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