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There are as many misconceptions about adventure training as there are training providers. Initial responses to the idea of outdoor training activities tend to range from 'I've done that being lifted through a spiders web stuff before...' to 'there's no way that teambuilding stuff changes anything at work'.

The comments we receive after our field programs are a very different matter, however - 'absolutely the best thing we have done in years', 'I learned things about my co-workers I would never have dreamt of' & 'I never thought I could do it...'

Some frequently asked questions concerning outdoor training:

Q. Why is it relevant to what we do at work?

A. What we attempt to do with every program we design & deliver is to 'mirror' or replicate issues and situations that confront the group at work, but in a different environment with different pressures to bring out 'responses' more rapidly. Every one of our activities is best thought of as a small 'laboratory' where the team gets to work, interact and learn by what they do. Any outcome to the activity is a valid one (we don't set things up for a 'cosy' finish where everyone is happy) as long as it is debriefed appropriately and the team benefits from the experience.

Q. Will I be forced to do something I don't want to?

A. No, absolutely not. Every activity is purely 'challenge by choice' (an oft used phrase but a good one). You participate at the level you feel is appropriate for yourself and for the team. You may find yourself doing things, however, you would not have imagined!

Q. Will I get wet / cold / scared?

A. Yes, maybe! Some activities involve water / height / physical exertion but again they are designed with the group's demographic taken into consideration and you don't have to do anything you don't want to. Getting scared is a very effective way of getting to know both yourself and your friends.

Q. Are outdoor programs compatible with indoor conference facilitation?

A. Yes, absolutely. We go to a great deal of trouble to design interactive programs with our partner training providers so there is a seamless transition between indoor and out. When you undertake a conjunction program (AG working with an indoor conference facilitation expert) you can be assured of a holistic product that has been constructed to address the issues your organisation is facing.


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