About the Canyon Self Rescue course

Canyoning is an exhilarating & adventurous sport that has become immensely popular in the last few years. The relative ease with which it is possible to get involved, the ready availability of guidebooks and the minimum amount of gear required to traverse some canyons has greatly increased the number of people taking part. Unfortunately every season sees a significant number of rescues, near misses and sometimes fatalities on trips that should otherwise have been an enjoyable outing.

The previous CSR course offered by Adventure Guides was one day in duration and non endorsed - now for 2005 we are offering a newly designed three day course with national accreditation. During the course we look at the following areas in detail:

Management of abseils, swims, water jumps & transition zones, belay systems, releasable abseil setups, non routine situations such as rope jams, stuck abseilers, water emergencies (including high water volume events) & swift-water self rescue techniques, becoming benighted, emergency management of trauma & environmental injuries and extensive rope rescue systems for canyon contexts.



The course runs over three days or 24 contact hours


The course identifies the following units:

SRXEMR001A Respond to emergency situations

SRXFAD001A Provide first aid

SROCYG001A Demonstrate horizontal canyoning skills

SROCYG002A Apply vertical canyoning skills

SROCYG003A Apply advanced vertical canyoning skills

SROVTR001A Perform vertical rescues

SROROP006A Perform vertical rescues of self and others

SROWWR001A Apply self rescue skills in white water


If you have done little or no abseiling before then Abseil 1 is the course you need to get you started. More in depth training is available on the three day Advanced Abseil program.

If you are looking at this type of training for competitive pursuits, check out our Adventure Racing Rope Skills Course


Pre requisites & result

A previous experience base in both horizontal & vertical (wet and dry) canyons is a pre requisite for the course. Attendees should also be proficient abseilers, have a knowledge of prusik ascending systems and be proficient swimmers.


A Statement of Attainment (Canyon Safety) will be awarded on successful completion of the assessment criteria.


Cost & inclusions

See our program info for details.


All equipment other than students own (i.e. wetsuits, harnesses etc). Any gear can be supplied on request.

course training resources

the new revised Canyon Safety Handbook


Instructor to student ratio



Further training:


Canyon Leader


Canyon Instructor


Canyon Rescue


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