If you've been around and done all the 'adrenaline' stuff and thought you had seen it all, guess again...

Here it is, the odd one out in the menu of Adventure Guides programs. Our aim on the CLIFFHANGER day is not to teach you anything - except maybe just how scared you can get! Although the actual format of the day is something of a secret, you can expect to abseil from the most incredible locations, climb on rock, traverse roped ledges whilst suspended over the abyss, have lunch on a tiny platform with only air under your heels, and then face the final challenge - the giant highline (it even scares our guides). All this set in one of the most spectacular regions of the Blue Mountains World Heritage area.

This trip is the only one of it's kind available in the Blue Mountains (probably Australia for that matter) and is only possible due to the high level technical rigging abilities of the AG Instructors.

Group sizes are strictly limited to 10 participants with two Adventure Guides instructors. Safety and customer satisfaction is our main aim, so once groups fill we cannot accept any more participants.


This is how it goes:

Starter abseil

Big, scary abseil

Roped traverse

Scary rock climb

Lunch ledge !

Very scary highline !?!

Ridiculously scary abseil

Very nice waterfall walk

Big congratulations !

Program Information

Suitability - For anybody of average fitness and a desire to do something seriously exciting
Prerequisites - None
Result - The Adventure Guides CLIFFHANGER Certificate
Cost & Dates - $155.00  per person (YHA discount $145.00 per person) Other group discounts may apply. Runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday or on group demand.
Pickup from & return to Katoomba.
Inclusions All equipment, lunch.
Guide / Client Ratio 2 : 10 (minimum 5 - max 10 clients)



Here are the stats

The abseils are 30 metres (100') and 70 metres (230') respectively | the rockclimb is 25 metres (80') but is 80 metres above the ground | the view from the lunch ledge is FANTASTIC | the highline (otherwise known as a 'tyrolean traverse') is 80 metres (270') across the span and is about 90 metres (300') above the ground | the chances of you having the most amazing day of your life - 99%.

How did we do it?

We went to a great deal of trouble to utilise existing tracks and walkways to minimise the impact on the native bush | wherever possible passive rockclimbing protection is used to construct safe anchors, minimising the number of bolts used (some bolts were even pre existing) | where we have placed bolts they are glue in industrial fixtures which can be readily removed and the holes filled with sand and resin, thus making the placement invisible | we avoid using native trees as anchors to minimise the chance of root compaction or ring barking.


To simply offer the biggest & best day of vertical adventure. So 'hold on tight'...


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