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A bonding of years of climbing and wilderness experience with up to the minute low & high angle technical rescue expertise means our rescue training programs and scenarios are as current and realistic as possible. Our technical director has spent countless hours researching changes and trends in rope rescue technologies so that you don't have to. Our staff seek external third party professional development through courses and seminars on a regular basis so that our skill base is as broad as practicable. Low and high angle rope rescue has undergone a paradigm shift over the last few years and heavy, manpower intensive rescue operations are giving way to lightweight, remote area capable teams of highly trained professionals armed with the latest equipment and techniques. Few disciplines evolve as rapidly as rope rescue, and as one well known expert put it; "what is safe & standard practice today could be dangerous and unacceptable tomorrow". Given the emerging information on Harness Hang Syndrome and the light this has thrown on many fatalities in a vertical environment previously put down to 'exposure', if your worksite SOP (standard operating procedure) for an semi / un-conscious suspended victim is 'call the fire brigade' you should think again.

With the advent of our subsidiary company Safety Access & Rescue (SAR), we have further refined the rescue programs delivered by Adventure Guides into 'wilderness' courses, to distinguish their context from industrial or urban environments.  All of the training & assessment is done in natural cliff environments with a reliance on lightweight, portable equipment.

For the most up to date Team Leader level rope rescue program for wilderness response available in Australia, check out the Wilderness Rescue Leader course. Alternatively, the Rescue Operator is the perfect nationally accredited program for team members wanting to develop their skills and gain endorsement.

For smaller scale, but equally important situations the Climber Self Rescue & Canyon Self Rescue programs are designed to give you the maximum 'toolbox' of skills should things not quite go according to plan. For specific skills development for existing rescue operators, try the Rigging For Rescue seminar.

To see something of our field training operations, check out the rescue training gallery.

For industrial rescue courses, visit the SAR website at


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