Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 (Extract)



39 Fall prevention—particular risk control measures

A controller of premises must ensure that:

(a) safe access is provided to all parts of a place of work to which a person may require access and from which the person may fall, and

(b) if the whole or any part of the roof of a building or structure comprises or includes any brittle or fragile roofing material, warning signs are provided that:

(i) contain the words "DANGER—BRITTLE ROOF", and

(ii) are affixed to each individual slope, curve or section of the roof and to all other places from which access to the roof may be obtained, and

(c) walkways are provided and maintained over roofs that are wholly or partly covered by brittle or fragile roofing material, and

(d) if windows are designed to be cleaned from the outside, anchorage points for fall arrest devices are provided on each window or other safe means for cleaning every window of the building or structure are provided, and

(e) floors are designed to be safe without risks of slips, trips or falls, with adequate drainage (if necessary) and appropriate floor coverings (if necessary).

Maximum penalty: Level 4.

56 Prevention of falls from heights—particular risk control measures

(1) An employer must ensure that risks associated with falls from a height are controlled by use of the following measures:

(a) provision and maintenance of:

(i) a stable and securely fenced work platform (such as scaffolding or other form of portable work platform), or

(ii) if compliance with subparagraph (i) is not reasonably practicable—secure perimeter screens, fencing, handrails or other forms of physical barriers that are capable of preventing the fall of a person, or

(iii) if compliance with subparagraph (ii) is not reasonably practicable—other forms of physical restraints that are capable of arresting the fall of a person from a height of more than 2 metres,

(b) provision of a safe means of movement between different levels at the place of work.

(2) If a fall arrest device is provided for use by persons at work, the employer must ensure that:

(a) all anchorage points for the device are inspected by a competent person before their first use and then on a regular basis so they are capable of supporting the design loads, and

(b) if the load-bearing capacity of an anchorage point is impaired, the anchorage is immediately made inoperable so as to prevent its use, and

(c) any harness, safety line or other component of the device that shows wear or weakness to the extent it may cause the device to fail is not used, and

(d) all persons using the device have received training in the selection, assembly and use of the system, and

(e) adequate provision is made for the rescue of a person whose fall is arrested by a fall arrest device.

Maximum penalty: Level 4.









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