The facts about tower work & the need for training

Tower climbing is one of the more advanced sectors of industrial work at height and as such deserves great respect for the skills and cool nerves required. Modern steel truss towers used for communications, ropeways, high voltage power lines and a host of other tasks present significant issues to the worker who must ascend them and, in the event of mishap, rescue or be rescued from them. The daunting height of many modern towers can present problematic rescue situations that can only be addressed by up to the minute training and equipment. SAR offers a comprehensive tower climber / VR course that is workplace contextualized and is based on nationally endorsed training units.

About the TWR1 Tower Climbing training course

The Tower Climber course is based on eleven nationally endorsed units of competency and is contextualized to the student’s place of work & job focus. The main aim of the program is to be as relevant to the student’s tower climbing requirements as possible, with systems and protocols that are specific to their everyday situation.

During the program we cover relevant legislation & Australian Standards, PPE inspection & maintenance, harness fitting & use of tower specific lanyard assemblies, single person anchors, climbing skills, vertical mobility (ascend & descend), equipment hauling systems, Harness Hang Syndrome, dealing with emergencies (suspended operators on lanyard and rope systems) and safe use of portable ladders.


The Tower Climbing course identifies the following units:

  • Select, use and maintain equipment for working at height

  • Conduct a risk assessment for work at height

  • Install an anchor system

  • Install & operate a hauling system

  • Approach the work position using abseiling techniques

  • Apply climbing skills

  • Install a system of fall protection to enable movement in a vertical environment

  • Install & operate a single rope belay system to safeguard a person

  • Work at height using a work positioning system

  • Use a ladder to gain access to the work position

  • Respond to emergencies at height

These units are delivered contextually within a framework of tower climbing skills & techniques.

Students receive a nationally recognized Statement of Attainment on successful completion of the training & assessment.



  • Site / job specific training: generally 3 days

  • Multi-site training: generally 3-4 days


Tower Climber programs are costed on a per instructor per day rate (plus incidentals). Please contact our office or see SAR Program Info for rates.

Minimum number of four students per course. The course fee covers training resources, course notes, all equipment, assessment, provision of certificates – log books – ID cards (where necessary), public liability insurance.



  • Must be at least 17 years of age

  • Speak, read and understand the English language (unless accompanied by a skilled translator)

  • Fit and healthy for working at height


  • On-the-job or at a site that provides realistic workplace conditions.


Existing personal (or workplace) equipment should be used for consistency, however SAR will supply the latest in tower access / rescue gear and PPE (personal protective equipment).

For supply of tower climbing & rescue gear as well as pre rigged rescue kits and other associated PPE go to the Adventure Pro Gear site located here.



Statement of Attainment in Working at Height (Tower Climbing).




TWR1 Tower Climber


TWR2 Tower VR

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