Modern tower (or hammerhead) cranes dot the city skyline more than ever before these days. Ranging in height from around 25 to more than 100 metres and often positioned a long way up on high rise cores, they present a challenging work environment for those who must erect, maintain and operate them. Even a moderately injured operator at this height on these structures is a difficult rescue proposition.

Modern height safety and work positioning techniques & equipment make for a much safer and more reassuring environment for those who must operate on these structures. Appropriate training and pre rigged recovery kits give operators a very good chance of being able to self evacuate from a tower crane, especially in the event of a worker falling from the jib and being suspended in space from a fall arrest lanyard (where self rescue would be virtually impossible).

SAR is one of only a very few training providers who offer tower crane specific courses. A general work at heights course or harness awareness program is simply not enough when it comes to work and rescue in this environment.