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The Wilderness Rescue Operator course is an awareness level program designed to impart and enhance basic rescue team member skills. We focus on both personal vertical mobility & self rescue procedures as well as group systems such as raising & lowering.


Some of the program content:

The course is based on the following PACI units:

  • Select, use and maintain equipment for working at height
  • Conduct a risk assessment for work at height
  • Install an anchor system
  • Install & operate a hauling system (for rescue purposes)
  • Install & operate a lowering system (for rescue purposes)
  • Approach the work position using abseiling techniques
  • Demonstrate vertical mobility at height
  • Install a system of fall protection to enable movement in a vertical environment
  • Install & operate a single rope belay system to safeguard a person (for rescue purposes)
  • Respond to emergencies at height
  • Evacuate a person to safe ground using abseiling techniques

The course addresses the following nationally accredited training units:

  • SRXEMR001A Respond to emergency situations

  • SRXFAD001A Provide first aid

  • SROABN001A Demonstrate simple abseiling skills on natural surfaces

  • SROABN002A Safeguard an abseiler using a single rope belay system

  • SROABN003A Apply single pitch abseiling skills on natural surfaces

  • SROABN004A Establish ropes for single pitch abseiling on natural surfaces

  • SROABN005A Apply multi pitch abseiling skills on natural surfaces

  • SROCLN003A Establish belays for climbing on natural surfaces

  • SROABN004A Establish ropes for single pitch abseiling on natural surfaces

  • SROVTR001A Perform vertical rescues

  • SROVTR002A Perform complex vertical rescues

During the delivery of these units we cover anchors & rigging, rope deployment, ascending & descending (vertical mobility), self rescue, raising & lowering systems, belay systems, RQ (rescue quality) gear and risk assessments.


The rescue operator course is highly appropriate for emergency services personnel, guides, military roping leaders, outdoor education leaders and even roping enthusiasts who want to expand their skills base.


Prior abseiling experience is mandatory. Candidates will be sent pre course learning material upon booking either in hard copy, word.doc or Adobe PDF format.


Certificate 3 in Working at Height (Vertical Rescue Wilderness Context)

The Cost and Dates

$950.00 per person

Emergency services personnel discounts apply. Courses require minimum numbers.

2004: Dates on request

*Duration of course may depend on endorsements sought, number of students, prior experience and whether RPL (recognition of prior learning) is requested.



All Personal Protective Equipment & rigging gear,

pre and mid course training resources,

CMC Rope Rescue Manual Field Guide,

7mm prusik cord set.


Instructor / Student Ratio






For industrial rescue courses, visit the SAR website at www.safetyaccessrescue.com


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