Adventure Guides employs some of the most highly qualified and experienced professional instructors Australia has to offer. All our staff are qualified lead climbing instructors with the Australian Climbing Instructors Association (Vic) and the Professional Association of Climbing Instructors (Qld) and have extensive overseas expedition resumes including New Zealand, Nepal, Tibet, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Scotland and North America. All Adventure Guides mountaineering courses are staffed by at least two Adventure Guides instructors for safety reasons and the maximum number of students we take on any one course is six, allowing for a 1:3 maximum ratio.

We take great pride in having the very best equipment available for student use so that you learn with the gear you are likely to want to buy - we don't go to the mountains with worn out gear so we don't expect you to either. Mountain Hardware, Grivel, Petzl, Charlet Moser & Salewa tools, tents & software are all at your disposal.

The Programs

MOUNTAIN SKILLS I (5 DAYS) - A comprehensive field program covering all the aspects of alpine living and basic mountaineering techniques including ice climbing (see left). Ideal for anyone intending to go to New Zealand or on a trekking peak expedition in Nepal or South America. Conducted in the Kosciusko National Park in the vicinity of Charlottes Pass, with ice climbing seminars conducted at the famous Blue Lake.  more info

ADVANCED MOUNTAIN SKILLS II (4 DAYS) - Entirely devoted to advanced ice climbing & lightweight alpine technique, bivouacs and alpine self rescue. more info

ICE & MIXED (3 DAYS) NEW COURSE FOR 2003 - A new program for an evolving sport. Pure ice & mixed ground technique, 'leashless' tool use & radical techniques. more info

SLED EXPEDITIONS (3 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS) - A Kosciusko main range traverse using either snowshoes or touring skis and hauling light weight sleds (a.k.a 'pulks'). If you have ever been enthralled by tales of polar adventure, here is the trip, without the minus 60 degree temperatures & 200 kph winds! Along the way we construct snow igloos, cover GPS use & whiteout navigation. more info

Download an alpine course booking form here (Adobe pdf format)