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aid climbing on structures

using etriers (aiders) for lateral movement

students practice belayed aid climbing

AG instructor Craig Ward demos a hook move

the AS 4488 twin rope method in action

realism in training is everything - yes, the bucket is full!

negotiating a difficult parapet

descending to the work position

hooking in to the suspended victim

approaching the suspended victim

Craig demos the rescue of a worker whose lanyard has deployed and is suspended from the dorsal D ring

descending with the injured worker

approacing the stricken operator - time is everything (but not to sacrifice safety)

demoing the cableway rig using the Vertical extraction harness

detail of the lanyard system employed in twin rope access systems

dscending on twin lines to the work position

realism in training - an AG / PACI standard

big Vertical slings for big rigging

guarding the lines over a metal edge

staunchion slings for clean rigging

rope grabs in action on the backup rope

manouvreing the Shunt into position whilst descending

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